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Sing, Dance, Stories & Play with musical theatre programs for kids 4 - 12

Making performing arts accessible to create connection and community


Musical theatre after school programs. Find out if we are offering programs at your school this year.


Register for affordable performance programs in Burnaby. Engage in games, singing, dance, art, and movement, while we put a show!


Music lessons are taught by Miss Queen. Register for private beginner piano, guitar, ukulele, or voice lessons!

See how Queen's Academy's engages with the community!

What Parents Say

“Kenzie struggles to fit in socially at school yet she has come home from Queen’s Academy each Friday night happy and feeling included in the group. I appreciate how you celebrate each child and make them feel special.”

Alison, parent

"It is SO important for kids to have adults in their lives outside of their parents who believe in them, see their talents, and care about them. I am really deeply grateful that Felix has you as just such an adult. It means so much."

Julia, parent

"By being consistent with you and your classes since age 6, I’ve seen how far she’s come, how her confidence is truly building. Your classes are open and welcoming, supportive and encouraging. Especially during this year of the pandemic, it’s been wonderful to have this creative outlet and stay socially connected."

Terry, parent

“Michaela has come out of her shell and is able to express herself. She has gained confidence in reading and performing in front of a crowd.”

Michelle, parent

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Thanks for subscribing. Hope to have your family join us soon!

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