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Terms & Conditions

Queen’s Academy of The Arts

It is our mission to make performing arts accessible to create connection and community,

while offering a safe inclusive space for kids to express themselves through dance, song, and play!

This is a transparent, living document, the Policies outlined below are subject to change.

Photo Release Policy

Queen’s Academy is online. Children love to see photos of themselves and their friends. Queen’s Academy uses photos or videos to record our projects and share our accomplishments. Our website and social media accounts are public, and the photos are accessible to everybody. By enrolling my child in Queen’s Academy of The Arts classes, I give permission for my child's photo to be taken and posted on Queen’s Academy website and social media accounts for education, marketing, and record purposes. Name credits will not be given when shared. Should you prefer your child(s) not to be recorded, please inform us in writing prior to your commencement at Queen’s Academy.


Liability Policy

I provide consent for my child to take part in classes at Queen’s Academy of The Arts. I release Queen’s Academy of The Arts and Queen Alexis, from liability in case of accident during activities related to Queen’s Academy of The Arts, if normal safety procedures have been taken. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless release of all activities associated with the classes while traveling to and from the site for the program.


Queen’s Academy can accept no liability for personal belongings which may be lost, damaged or stolen at our classes and venues. Lost and found will be collected each session held for the duration of the specific term or session. Items will be reunited on request.


General Refund Policy

All requests for refunds must be received in writing to Individuals who withdraw from a program before the start date will receive a full refund, less a $15 processing fee.  We're so convinced you'll absolutely love our services, that we're willing to offer full refunds after a program has begun up to the end of the first week or after the first class, less a $15 processing fee.


You are eligible for reimbursement within 10 calendar days of the start of the season. After the second class you will no longer be eligible and won't be able to receive a refund. Some exceptions for partial credit towards a future program with Queen's Academy may be possible. If you have any additional questions or would like to request a refund, feel free to contact us. Queen's Academy of The Arts reserve the right to review cases of extenuating circumstances to determine a fair refund.


Day Camp Refund Policy

Cancellations must be made in writing to 14 calendar days prior to the scheduled start date of the camp. Individuals who withdraw from a program 14 days prior to the start date will receive a full refund, less a $25 processing fee. If the registration is cancelled with less than 14 calendar days’ notice no refund would be provided. Provided there is space, there is no charge to move registration to a different camp week. No refunds after the camp begins. In the case of medical or family emergencies, partial credit may be provided on a case-by-case basis.


Class Cancellation Policy

If a scheduled program does not reach minimum student enrollment, families will be notified of cancellation a minimum of 7-days prior to original start date. Families will receive full refund or can be credited for future class. Program times and dates are subject to change. Any changes made to class times during a term will be emailed to families 7-days prior to rescheduled class time or day change.



If the teacher becomes unavailable, a substitute will teach the class. If there is no teacher available, the class will be cancelled, and the teacher will use their discretion to makeup the class time missed when possible.


Care of Student

Queen’s Academy require parents to drop off and collect students promptly at the scheduled start and end class times. We are not responsible for providing before or aftercare for students. We understand occasional lateness does occur, and request that parents give notice by texting 778-233-8591. Children ten and under must wait for their parents to pick them up at the entrance to the class venue. Queen’s Academy assumes no responsibility for children who leave unaccompanied.

Late Pick-Up Charge

If a parent is late to pick up their child following a class by more than 10 minutes, there is late pickup charge of $20.00 that needs to be paid. Late Pick-Up Charge prices are on a case-by-case basis the amount varies based on communication and the length of lateness. Please note that we understand these things happen and this fee is applied to respect and value the teachers' time and the additional child supervision required.

Inclement Weather Contingency Plan

In case of severe weather conditions, preventing us from holding our regular after school program, Queen's Academy will promptly notify parents and the school via email about program cancellations. If the school is closed, our after school program will follow suit. While refunds are not available due to weather-related circumstances beyond our control, we will make every effort to reschedule the program session when possible.


Email Correspondence

Correspondence by Queen’s Academy is done by email. By registering for a class with us, you are providing consent to send you emails that have relevant information regarding your child’s classes. Queen’s Academy is not responsible for missed information sent by email. Please always check your spam, and other email folders periodically as program-wide emails may end up being filtered.


Missed Class

No refund or make up is eligible for students who miss class.


Sibling Discount

Discounts offered for programs are at the discretion of Queen’s Academy. Sibling discounts applied to the second and any subsequent siblings being enrolled together in the same class. The discount is applied against the lowest fee. Siblings must be directly related. 


Medical/Learning Needs

Parents/Guardians are required to inform Queen’s Academy at the time of registration of any allergies, or physical, emotional, or learning needs their child(ren) may have. This is to ensure that our teachers are adequately prepared to support your child’s learning and enjoyment as they participate in class.



I believe all kids deserve the opportunity to enrich their lives through the arts. That’s why my program is more affordable compared to local competitors. To keep our fees accessible for families, we offer a limited amount of sliding scale fees connected to household income. Email us to learn more and see if you qualify for partial sponsorship.


Payment is due in full within 24 hours of registration. Registrations are not considered to be finalized until payments are received, and your place cannot be held without payment. Any payment not received, may result in removal from the class or be bumped to the waitlist to allow for the next person to take the space. Payment is made via Interac E Transfer to In the Interac e-Transfer message, please include the students first and last name, the date, and the name of the program you are enrolling in. As an alternate, class tuition may be accepted by cash or cheque but must be communicated in advance.


Diversity & Inclusion

At Queen’s Academy, a diverse, inclusive, and equitable program is one where all, whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or identity, feels respected. We value diverse life experiences and ensure that all voices are heard. We’re committed to modelling diversity and inclusion for the arts industry and to maintaining an inclusive environment with equitable treatment for all.


By submitting your registration forms and enrolling with Queen’s Academy, you are deemed to have read, understand, and agree to the Terms & Conditions.


Private Lessons Policies

Private Trial Lessons

New students are provided the option to begin with a trial lesson before registering for a package of lessons. These trial lessons are assessed at the single lesson rate.


Private Lesson Cancellations

Cancellation of a private lesson must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson to receive a make-up rescheduled lesson or refund. You can cancel a lesson by emailing or leaving a voicemail 778-233-8591. There are no refunds for unused or forfeited private lessons. If you know of dates in advance where you/your child cannot attend a lesson, please notify the instructor by email at the time of booking and payment.


Private Lesson Lateness

Please arrive on time. Arriving more than 5 minutes late to a 30-minute lesson OR more than 10 minutes late to a 45-minute lesson without notifying the instructor is considered a no show and therefore a forfeited lesson. Please call 778-233-8591 if you are running late to keep the lesson. If you provide notice and arrive to a lesson late, the loss of time will not be made up. 



If you wish to move or cancel your lesson due to a holiday, please see the 24-Hour Cancellation Policy. Lessons will run over schools breaks unless agreed upon to cancel. Refer to your specific program documents for no class dates.


Contacting Us

If you would like to contact us concerning any matter relating to our Terms & Conditions, you may send an email to


By submitting your registration forms and enrolling with Queen’s Academy, you are deemed to have read, understand, and agree to the Terms & Conditions.


Queen’s Academy of The Arts’ Terms & Conditions was last updated on March 9, 2023.

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