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Partner with Queen’s Academy to Sponsor a Child

Queen’s Academy is committed to accessibility and affordability by increasing opportunities for more families to participate in our programs. Partnering with us is an impactful way for you to contribute as a community member,creating opportunity for more children to benefit from a performing arts education.

Our Sponsorship Program

This Sponsorship Program is designed to support low-income families whose finances are too tight to cover or reduce the registration fees of a 8-10 week term of classes or camp program for their child(ren).

This program provides families the opportunity to register their child(ren) in Queen’s Academy Musical Theatre classes at no cost to them.

There are limited Sponsorships available per term. As our sponsorship programs are rely on funding by community members and businesses with a love for the arts.

Why Sponsor Us? This is my WHY

Sponsor the Creative Development of A Child

Queen's Academy Sponsorship Levels.

For more information about support opportunities, please contact Queen, founder & artistic director

Join the Community Leaders!

Here's why others are on board

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